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Melissa Vucijevic

Owner and Founder of Bookkeeping Betties

HOW MY BUSINESS STARTED AND WHY:  Someone said to me recently that Tucson is a city of small businesses - and they were right.  This wonderful city is full of small, hard earned businesses that provide all our necessities and entertainment.  But in order to stay competitive and be productive and successful, most people don't have the know-how or the time to make sure their bookkeeping is up to speed. And without that in order, the small businesses lose out on tax deductions.  


Taxes will kill a small business - so excellent record keeping and bookkeeping should be priority number one!

I've now worked for huge corporations for over two decades - and I want to give back to my local small businesses by developing a small business of my own to benefit them.  My objective is to provide quality, accurate, and efficient bookkeeping services to those small businesses, without it costing them a fortune.  


Bookkeeping Betties was created in the hopes of helping this community of small businesses to get the most they can back from the government in order to live and stay in business another year!


I have a Bachelor's in Accounting and have been practicing as a bookkeeper for nearly 30 years.  I began my career as the bookkeeper for my father's contracting business. After that I held many jobs as office manager or bookkeeper, and really learned how all small businesses are essentially the same in the accounting world.  I then began working for one of the largest Government Contractors in the world - and began my career as an auditor of accounting and financials for an $8 BILLION dollar company.  I learned that the Government has the strictest rules in bookkeeping and have carried many of those lessons to small businesses in an effort to help people learn to self audit themselves or the people they hire. 


I honed my strengths as a process improvement specialist and found I was very good at finding the mistakes of others and correcting them.  In 2016 I was laid off after 14 years due to the Government downsizing their defense contracts, so I decided to turn my attention back to small businesses.  I am proud to say that every client I have feels that they are my most important client, and that I invest time and energy into your business as though it were my own.  If you are successful, then I am successful.  

My real skill and passion lie in gaining an understanding of the business and improving and/or re-mediating areas to their most efficient and effectiveness.  I enjoy helping to develop new and better ways of doing things - as well as seeing the impact of my services to the business owner.  The stress of keeping a businesses running and being profitable can be enormous.  I truly enjoy being able to alleviate some of that stress by helping in the area of accounting - an area that can be so intimidating to so many people.

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