We are NOT just data entry. And we do NOT charge what the big firms charge because you shouldn't have to pay everything you earn - on keeping track of what you earn. 


  • Minor or major clean up projects

  • New bookkeeping for existing or new businesses

  • Monthly maintenance (or weekly/quarterly/annual)

  • Training you or your staff

  • Financial audits, Forensic Audits, IRS audit support, or instruction on self audits

  • Set up, guidance and management of Payroll Services

  • Process Improvement

  • 1099's

  • At year end we handle everything to make sure your tax professional has what they need to do your taxes



Proficient in

  • Xero

  • Quickbooks Desktop

  • Quickbooks Online

  • All Microsoft applications (Excel etc)

  • Any accounting software - as at the end of the day they are pretty much all the same


We start at a free 1/2 hour consultation

$50/hr - for all bookkeeping services (EXCEPT time sensitive projects)

$65/hr - for all audit projects, training, and any work that is time sensitive at customer request (i.e. not a tax deadline)

$40/hr - for clients we have a trusted relationship with, as well as all the accesses needed to do our job (i.e. Read Only Access for financial institutions)

We also offer flat rate monthly packages for certain projects or ongoing work.


If you'd like an estimate of total project cost or total time to complete your project, contact us to make that FREE consultation appointment!  We ask clients to usually give us an hour or so to begin work in order to develop an estimate of overall cost.

Contact us by visiting the REQUEST INFO page, or email us directly at:
2197 N. Camino Principal #159
Tucson, Az. 85715
By Appointment 

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